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Targeted Search

Targeted Search Recruitment Specialists

Why use targeted search as a recruitment methodology?

When you need to find specific candidates with sector and functional expertise who are not actively seeking a new role we can help you navigate the available talent. We recommend this approach for management positions at base salaries over £70k.  


Headhunting delivered by an experienced recruiter will always help to push you to recruit the very best talent available. 


To do this you must engage the services of a sector specialist who can help you make a comprehensive assessment of the market.


The recruitment of talent involves a mixture of skill, experience, cultural fit, ambition and emotional intelligence. It often means looking for a needle in numerous haystacks spread across different parts of the country. Only a headhunter, with an extensive personal network and search logistics, will be able to help you in this kind of search.



With Navigate talent this is a rigorous and transparent service

It’s not only important to work with specialists because they will help you to define your requirements, but also because they call your decisions into question by providing hindsight for significant decisions affecting the recruitment of a critical hire.

Searching and recruiting a critical hire takes up an enormous amount of time. With our extensive sector relevant network and access to the latest recruitment tools, we can speed up this by managing the process of screening dozens of candidates before presenting you with a shortlist of the most relevant and appropriate candidates. 

When you work with Navigate Talent you’re working with a specialist who has a deep understanding of your sector and the functional roles that key hires perform in your business. You’ll be working with a consultant who can access an extensive network gained over a two decades in the industry. 


Importance of Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the key element in the relationship between a company and a headhunter. If you need to recruit from a competitor, use an expert to ensure you avoid conflict with your competitors and engage with prospective talent in a professional manner. 

At Navigate Talent we can help you build a talent pool, so that you are able to prepare the succession of your key employees in a constructed and efficient manner. 

Benefits of Targeted Search

no comPromise

Targeted search is a "no compromise" approach and is about gaining access to key individuals.


The ability to make insightful decisions about people is the most enduring source of competitive advantage.

Targeted Search

High calibre talent

It's the methodology of choice for the identification and recruitment of high calibre talent with specific skills.

competitive advantage

We help clients achieve this advantage through the identification, engagement, assessment and recruitment of the most talented individuals

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